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I’ve already shared a few ancient superhero character descriptions with you that were written decades ago by someone at Marvel Comics—presumably Stan Lee, though until there’s some evidence that’s more than just the opinions of me and a few fellow former Bullpenners, we’ll leave that word “presumably” in there.

So far, you’ve seen the X-Men, Captain America, and Thor. (Who knew that the Thunder God was supposed to sound like Richard Chamberlain AND Richard Burton?)

Yesterday, I asked you to try to guess which famous actor Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, was meant to sound like in the word balloons of your mind. Did you come up with one? Give the scan below a read and see if you were right.

So … how far off were you?

Now it’s time to give some thought to whose voice comes out of Doctor Strange’s eldritch mouth. Tune in tomorrow to see how close you come!

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