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08 November 2012 @ 10:51 pm
My October 2012 dreams: Art Garfunkel, Doctor Doom, Bob Marley and more  

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Another month has gone by, which means another month of fun mind movies for me, which I share each morning over on Twitter. And as usual, I’ve gathered them here, because seeing them together like this adds an additional level of surreality.

Welcome to my subconscious!

October 2012 Dreams

I dreamt I got into an Ed Sullivan impersonation duel with Will Jordan, then my HS pal Mark Diamond showed up and we both did Mick Jagger. 29 Oct

I dreamt I had an intense discussion with Nicholas Brody and Carrie Mathison. Not sure about what. (Hadn’t even seen last night’s Homeland!) 29 Oct

I dreamt I wandered a dense city looking for a particular BBQ joint. I’d forgotten its name, though, and was trying to find it by nose. 26 Oct

I dreamt I was on a train with old timey journalists, none of whom would take my bet about when an electronic pub would win a Pulitzer. 26 Oct

I dreamt I filled in for Jon Stewart one night, but then he showed up in the middle of the show, not happy I was sitting in his chair. 26 Oct

I dreamt I was at a restaurant meeting with the entire ‪@Syfy digital team. We ate frozen grapes, and Meinhardt Raabe was a special guest. 26 Oct

I dreamt that while I was waiting to fly to Comic-Con, I saw a woman prevented from boarding because she was George R. R. Martin’s stalker. 25 Oct

I dreamt I spotted a HUGE bug on the wall and was about to swat it, but became afraid crushing its egg sac would free thousands of babies. 24 Oct

I dreamt I was reading a tribute site put together by fans of the candy store my mother used to own. (IRL, my mother owned no such thing.) 23 Oct

I dreamt Dennis Franz stopped at my house in the middle of his coast-to-coast walking tour. And he was fueling himself by eating candy only. 23 Oct

I dreamt Pink showed up while I waited at an airport baggage carousel, and people began to make fun of her weight, so I loudly defended her. 22 Oct

I dreamt I ran into David Mack in a hotel lobby, saw he wore a purple striped boating blazer exactly like mine, and was a little peeved. 22 Oct

I dreamt I was trying to stay hidden from the world, and when my German Shepherd broke free and chased birds, I was terrified I’d be found. 21 Oct

I dreamt I was in the woods of Maine with a camera crew from National Geographic in search of wild animals in remote parts of the U.S. 21 Oct

I dreamt I thought I bumped into Bob Marley, but soon realized he was only a Bob Marley impersonator. He wanted us to chew tobacco together. 21 Oct

I dreamt moderated a panel with Nathan Fillion on it while an episode of Firefly screened behind us. But then he changed into Sarah Palin! 20 Oct

I dreamt that while returning from a con, ‪@EllenDatlow and I and others got stranded at an airport, and I looked for a cab to run into town. 20 Oct

I dreamt I still worked at Marvel, and when a book was late and a fill-in needed, I wandered the office looking for negatives to reprint. 20 Oct

I dreamt I watched jealously as Irene leapt into a fountain. I held back so as not to get my wallet wet, then whined to Leno and Conan. 19 Oct

I dreamt I spotted a turtle on a grassy ledge behind me. Then I took an iPhone pic of him, surprising, as my iPhone _never_ works in dream. 18 Oct

I dreamt I watched a Daily Show segment in which Jon Stewart was railing against the new fad for drive-through funerals. 18 Oct

I dreamt I was taking over from my father the old timey candy store he’d run his entire life. Touching. And we were both Mexican. In Mexico. 18 Oct

I dreamt Ash Murphy, doltish prison guard from Justified, held a kid hostage for some bonds I had, but I woke before the drama played out. 18 Oct

I dreamt I was back in my room at a con taking a shower at midnight — but only so I’d be reenergized, and could go out and party till dawn. 17 Oct

I dreamt I was at a large round table talking food with three worldclass chefs when a box was delivered. Inside — a roast chicken and duck. 17 Oct

I dreamt I dropped a Neil Gaiman book, which turned to glass and shattered. I then picked up the shards so Neil wouldn’t get a flat tire. 15 Oct

I dreamt that as I watched fish in a pond attempt to leap and get frogs off lily pads, the frogs tried to escape by crawling up my sleeves. 15 Oct

I dreamt my (not IRL) alcoholic Dad was getting in trouble, and I was renovating my house to add an extra room so he could move in with us. 15 Oct

I dreamt I tried to calculate how long it would take to get a response to my question asked from the Moon, and had trouble with the math. 15 Oct

I dreamt I was in church with Joe Biden, who insisted we all sing along to “Silent Night.” While we did, someone was making balloon animals. 14 Oct

Many dreams, but mostly meaningless fragments — a bright, blue refrigerator; a noisy, truck-filled crossroads; Harry Reasoner; Miami Beach. 14 Oct

I dreamt Irene and I drove in a dry riverbed, and eventually came to a puddle in which people were fishing. They wouldn’t stop to let us by. 12 Oct

I dreamt I walked up seemingly endless stairs, continually bumping into and apologizing to the guy ahead of me who was moving like molasses. 12 Oct

I dreamt the stairs to a friend’s basement were so low and narrow that I had to slide down on my side … and I never made it to the bottom! 11 Oct

I dreamt I spotted a guy in a sod suit who lay flat in the grass so he could then leap up and surprise people. But I woke before the payoff. 11 Oct

I dreamt I spotted Jon Stewart in a restaurant ranting loudly about his employer. I consciously chose not to record him, giving him privacy. 11 Oct

I dreamt I attended the first panel of a Readercon, which strangely was Eric Van interviewing Bryan Cholfin … in a nearly empty room. 11 Oct

I dreamt radical vegans replaced a street vendor’s hot dogs with explosives, which I realized (too late) as a friend was taking a bite. Noo! 11 Oct

I dreamt we drove through an old timey factory town with a billboard calling it LUNCH CAPITOL OF THE WORLD. We intended to find out why. 10 Oct

I dreamt I was SNL musical guest Art Garfunkel, closing out an episode, and when there was extra time, forced Jim Croce to join me onstage. 10 Oct

I dreamt I drove the wrong way on the highway, scaring oncoming traffic. Not sure why I was doing it, but I knew I had a damn good reason.10 Oct

I dreamt Gardner Dozois and I were acting as toastmasters for the Hugo Awards, and I regret to inform you … there was ukulele involved. 10 Oct

‪I dreamt I’d bought a HUGE snow globe at a convention. In the hotel restaurant, I ran into Harlan Ellison, who saw it and wanted one, too. 9 Oct

I dreamt Philip Seymour Hoffman and I wandered streets filled with architectural marvels as a whimsical Pushing Daisies-like voice narrated. 9 Oct

I dreamt I schmoozed Jim Steranko, hoping he’d let me take his picture, but he refused, saying all anyone should care about is the work. 8 Oct

I dreamt three fiddle players were entertaining the crowd at a con’s registration, and I got into a conversation with one about the ukulele. 8 Oct

I dreamt my clock radio went off and I “woke,” horrified to hear Mike Resnick eulogizing David Kyle. Glad I’m now _really_ awake! 8 Oct

I dreamt we moved back to NYC, bought and renovated a condo, then realized far too late we were over a bar and would never be able to sleep! 8 Oct

I dreamt I was with my (deceased) father and grandmother when Sean Howe entered and sat between them. There was an uncomfortable silence. 7 Oct

I dreamt I opened our freezer and a trapped cat leapt out. She rushed to her kittens, but it was too late — they’d died in her absence. 7 Oct

I dreamt I was an old lady who burned down her house in a case of suicidal self-immolation immediately after poisoning someone. (But who?) 7 Oct

I dreamt we came upon a dog whose collar Irene thought was too tight, so she loosened it, and I feared it would run off and we’d be blamed. 7 Oct

‪I dreamt Walt Simonson and Jonathan Vos Post (do those two even know each other?) ranted at me for hosting inappropriate content on my site. 7 Oct

I dreamt I wandered many dark alleys in London and eventually found the tea house I’d been looking for, the one that served marshmallow tea. 7 Oct

I dreamt I waited in a long (long!) line to buy gourmet cupcakes, a line that wound through an ancient castle, up and down narrow stairways. 7 Oct

I dreamt Jeff VanderMeer and I were in an office, looking out at the ocean far below, computer screens behind us glowing in the glass. 6 Oct

I dreamt I saw Al Gore wearing a spikey raspberry and black wig — or maybe he’d dyed his hair that way — and was momentarily tempted. 6 Oct

I dreamt I wandered the length of a massive convention center, coming across many old friends, all of whom warned me not to join the union. 6 Oct

I dreamt I rummaged through a house which had recently been ransacked by a zombie horde and discovered DeForest Kelley’s desk calendar. 6 Oct

I dreamt ‪@RickBowes had done his hair with curlers and beads, a cross between a cliched housewife and Rick James, but wouldn’t explain why. 5 Oct

I dreamt I’d moved into a NYC apartment and, wandering it in dark night and bumping into things, grew upset I couldn’t navigate from memory. 5 Oct

I dreamt I was hanging around a bookstore spinner rack debating the strengths and weaknesses of the Alice in Wonderland books with my Mom. 4 Oct

I dreamt I was Doctor Doom, lounging around without my mask, when I suddenly learned an attack was imminent and so quickly slipped it on. 4 Oct

I dreamt I still lived in the Ocean Parkway apartment I had when I was 11, and owned so many books I was considering building an addition. 3 Oct

I dreamt zombies surrounded our house, about to attack, and I was sure that if I kept my hand on the front doorknob, they couldn’t get in. 3 Oct

I dreamt I wandered a museum and arrived at a mobile from which many dioramas of futuristic scenes dangled. I sat as they revolved about me. 2 Oct

I dreamt I was part of a panel on ’70s NYC schools, and talked about the South Shore HS riots. Karen Meisner was there; I have no idea why. 2 Oct

I dreamt I worked for a company where the boss turned criminal, so I quit and ran. Got trapped in an elevator with dwarves and Carl Gnam. 2 Oct

I dreamt I was in a post-apocalyptic world with a kid who was the only one who knew how to kill zombies. So my group treated him real nice. 2 Oct

I dreamt I helped two cartoonists draw their strip, and we agreed things would go faster if we had tails. But they’d have to be prehensile. 1 Oct

I dreamt I sat in the audience for a school debate competition, saw a dad mouthing a speech for his son, told him to stop, and we argued. 1 Oct

I dreamt I was in a crowded hotel corridor, peering into a ballroom in which James Owen, wearing a white tux, was being presented a trophy. 1 Oct

I dreamt I hugged a cat so huge that when I hugged it I was pinned and couldn’t move. Plus — it didn’t have a cat mouth, but a human mouth! 1 Oct