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My Own Small Press Expo

Since I'll be spending the day tomorrow over in Bethesda at SPX, the Small Press Expo, where I'll wander a dealers' room filled with minicomics and other alternative publications, I figured—why not show off some of my own early comics fanzines?

Below are three covers of Call It ... Fate, which I published back in 1971. Well, to be honest, all I can be sure of is that I published one of them back in 1971, because the only printed issue I still own a copy of is the one on the left with the green cover, which is the second issue. I don't seem to own a copy of the first issue any more, and as for those other two covers, all I have are the originals, each marked #3.

I have no memory whatsoever as to what that was about! Was I trying to do a split-run with two different covers? Had I intended one for the third issue and the other for the fourth? Whatever the truth of the matter, it's lost to me now. (And if you own a copy of the first or third issue, please feel free to surprise me!)

[Click on any of the covers to view at a larger size.]

The artwork for the first two covers is by Evan Graber, and the third is by Doron Ben-Ami. I have no idea what's up with Evan, as I haven't spoken to him in 30 years, but thanks to facebook, I've caught up with Doron, and as you can see, he kept with it and has turned into quite a talented artist.

I'm sure that everything I see tomorrow will put whatever I was involved with to shame. (What were we then? 15?) But looking ahead to the event does bring back memories of my own minicomics, so I figured I'd put up a small taste anyway. When I have the time, I'll upload some of the interior pages so you'll be able to see my earliest comic-book writing.

And when I do, we'll both have to try not to wince.
Tags: call it fate, comics

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