scottedelman (scottedelman) wrote,

Guess the Mystery Artist!

Long before Paul Levitz became first a comic-book editor and then the president of DC Comics, he was both the editor and publisher of a monthly fanzine titled The Comic Reader. Below is the cover to issue #98, dated June 1973, with an image that highlighted "the crowded and confused Marvel universe."

In addition to containing news of upcoming comics, that issue also reported on the death of Syd Shores on June 3rd, the upcoming move of DC Comics (still being referred to as National) to 75 Rockefeller Plaza on July 27th, and the fact that Phil Seuling's legal troubles for allegedly selling underground comic books to a minor was still unresolved.

But back to that cover. Click through several times so you can take a good look.

Now that you've studied the image, can you tell me which future comic-book writer and editor, not at all known for being an artist, provided the illustration?

I've erased the signature so as not to spoil it for you.

The only thing further I'll say is that it wasn't Paul, and it wasn't me.

Any guesses?
Tags: comics

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