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SFWA and My Dream Census

Have you heard the news? The Science Fiction and Fantasy writers of America has decided to change its membership requirements.

That's right—as announced yesterday by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, in order to gain or retain SFWA membership, you'll have to appear in at least two of my dreams!

Don't believe me? Then check out Patrick's tweeted revelation below:

Which made me realize it was important for me to prepare a dream census to help guide SFWA's officials in their new mandate. So below is a list of every person, real or fictional, who has appeared in the dreams I've reported to you since beginning to relate them on both LiveJournal and Twitter. You can find them all collected here.

So let's see—who has visited those dreams more than twice? Who gets into SFWA? Following are all my nighttime visitors, with those who've appeared more than once bolded and having the number of visits after their names.

Admiral William Adama from Battlestar Galactica
Neal Adams (2)
The Amazing Randi
Charlie Jane Anders
Gillian Anderson
Catherine Asaro
Eric Baker
Harry Belafonte
Dirk Benedict
Howard Bender
Sonny Bono
Bowser from Sha Na Na
Ray Bradbury (2)
Charlie Brown
Ginjer Buchanan
Ajay and Edna Budrys
John Buscema
Pat Cadigan
Steve Carell from The Office
Jim Carrey
Susan Casper (2)
Adam-Troy Castro
Michael Chabon
Chuck's sister
Chuck's jerk brother-in-law
Arthur C. Clarke
Beverly Cleary
George Clooney
John Clute
George Costanza from Seinfeld
Brett Cox
Denny Crane from Boston Legal
Danny Crespi
The Dalai Lama
Jack Dann (2)
Ted Danson from Bored to Death
Ellen Datlow (2)
Peter and Kathleen David
Robert DeNiro
Zooey Deschanel
Steven desJardins
Paul Di Filippo (5)
Michael Dirda
Tom Disch (2)
Doctor Octopus
Cory Doctorow (4)
John Douglas
Gardner Dozois (4)
Don Draper from Mad Men
Andy Duncan
Bob Dylan (2)
Clint Eastwood
Roger Ebert
Toni Edelman, my mother (4)
Barney Edelman, my father (10)
Will Eisner
Chris Elliott
Harlan Ellison (7)
Susan Ellison
Carol Emshwiller
Craig Engler (2)
The gang from Entourage
Mark Evanier
Gregory Feeley
Jeffrey Ford (2)
Neil Gaiman (2)
Irene Gallo
Tommy Gavin from Rescue Me
Greer Gilman
Randy Giudice
Carl Gnam
Ari Gold from Entourage (2)
Grace Goldstein, my grandmother
Nathan Goldstein, my grandfather
John Goodman
Marty Greenberg
Lois Gresh
Karen Haber
Joe Haldeman (2)
Mark Hamill
Woody Harrelson from Natural Born Killer
David Hartwell
Peter Heck
Charlton Heston
Gregory House
Bob Howe (4)
Michael Imperioli from Life on Mars
Alex Irvine
Tony Isabella
Peter Jackson
The Jonas Brothers
Madeleine Kahn
Mark Kelly
John Kessel (5)
Harvey Keitel
Kenneth fron 30 Rock
Stephen King (2)
Jack Kirby (2)
Rajnesh Koothrappali from the The Big Bang Theory
Nancy Kress
Paul Kupperberg (2)
Jay Lake (2)

Geoff Landis
Joh Langan
Patrick Lee
Stan Lee (2)
Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
Jonathan Lethem
Paul Levitz (4)
Benjamin Linus from Lost
Lloyd from Entourage
Chuck Lorre
George Lucas
Brian Lumley
Jane Lynch
Moms Mabley
Barry Malzberg (3)
Michael Marano (2)
James Marsters
Wil McCarthy
Maureen McHugh
John McLaughlin
Ed McMahon
Karen Meisner
Farah Mendlesohn
Gretchen Moll from Life on Mars
Cheryl Morgan
Murray from Flight of the Conchords
Ralph Nader
LeRoy Neiman
Resa Nelson (3)
Karen and Charlie Newton
Annalee Newitz
Kim Newman
John Noble from Fringe
Barack Obama (2)
Donald O'Connor
Peggy Olson from Mad Men
Jackie Onassis
Gene O'Neill (3)
Jerry Orbach
George Peppard
Carol Pinchefsky
Amy Poehler from Baby Mama
Fred Pohl
The Queen of England
Jenn Reese
Paul Riddell
Mike Resnick
Joanna Russ
The current cast of Saturday Night Live
Jason Schwartzman
Darrell Schweitzer
Stephen Segal (2)
Marie Severin (2)

Paul Shaffer
Heather Shaw
Lucius Shepard
Alan Shore from Boston Legal
Bill Shunn (4)
Neil Simon
Melissa Anne Singer
Bob Silverberg (5)
Will Smith (2)

Jimmy Smits
Wesley Snipes
My son (2)
Steven Spielberg
Allen Steele
Jim Steranko (3)
Bruce Sterling
Sandy and Risa Stewart
Michael Swanwick
The SWAT team from the series Flashpoint
The entire staff of
Tim Pratt (2)
Vladimir Putin
Mary Turzillo (2)
Eric M. Van
Ann VanderMeer
Gordon van Gelder (2)
Agnès Varda
Irene Vartanoff, my wife (19)
John Verpoorten (4)
Duffy Vohland
Michael Walsh
Jim Warren
Lawrence and Julie Watt-Evans
Len Wein (2)
Sheila Williams (2)
Walter Jon Williams (2)
Jack Williamson (2)
Bill Willingham (2)
Connie Willis (3)

Gahan Wilson
Those four kids from The Wire
Marc Scott Zicree
Shara Zoll
Jeff Zucker

Congratulations to the remaining members of SFWA!
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