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04 February 2010 @ 08:59 am
My January 2010 Tweet Dreams  
Those of you who've been following my musings know that I dream. I dream a lot. And I report the ones that seem relevant both on my LiveJournal blog (where I post the dreams which seem to have more details worth sharing) and on Twitter.

But tweets are such fragile, ephemeral things that I've decided to collect them each month. Here are my dream tweets from January 2010.

Who knows? Perhaps one of them was about you!

January 2010

I dreamt I met my parents in their cabin after their return from a cruise, with no sense of surprise that my father was alive once more. 8:34 AM Jan 31st

I dreamt I started up a new company, along with Irene Gallo. Which seemed as if it could actually happen. Until Bruce Boxleitner walked in. 8:28 AM Jan 31st

I dreamt I was helping my mother, played in the dream by some white-haired woman not my mother, plan her second marriage wedding ceremony. 7:16 AM Jan 30th

I dreamt that as I was driving out of a parking garage with Irene, we were attacked by Kate from Lost, guns blazing. And I have no idea why. 7:11 AM Jan 30th

I dreamt I arrived at an Indian wedding, was given bracelets and silk scarves ... and then realized Irene couldn't make it. So I left, sad. 7:34 AM Jan 29th

I dreamt Steve Segal called, and the main thing we discussed was how he had to fend off a hostile takeover of Weird Tales by ... Brad Pitt. 7:26 AM Jan 29th

I dreamt I wandered an ur-NY, a Platonian ideal of NY with wondrous domes and towers, but at the same time was sad because I had no camera. 7:59 AM Jan 27th

I dreamt that while driving through a mall parking lot, I spotted a van emblazoned with the names of everyone I used to work with in comics. 8:18 AM Jan 26th

I dreamt I played wiffleball with Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia and Richard Castle in my backyard, and we lost the ball with every hit. 8:16 AM Jan 26th

I dreamt I was Walter White, Bryan Cranston's character from Breaking Bad, and had been called to the unemployment office. I wasn't happy. 8:10 AM Jan 26th

I dreamt I was with all my Syfy coworkers taking a workshop led by Johnny Carson. He asked us to grade our site on an A through D. scale. 8:07 AM Jan 26th

I dreamt I clamped my hand over Benjamin Linus' mouth, trying to make sure he neither spoke nor suffocated, and not doing a good job of it. 8:03 AM Jan 26th

I dreamt I was with BSG actors, telling them how I'd once given my mother a tour of the set. Odd. I should have dreamed of the tour itself. 8:52 AM Jan 25th

I dreamt I was acting in a movie, having replaced Matt Frewer in a role, only ... he then showed up on the set, and no one had told _him_! 8:49 AM Jan 25th

I dreamt that while walking a tightrope, I dropped a blanket wrapped about my shoulders to reveal hundreds of bloody leeches. Disturbing. 8:46 AM Jan 25th

I dreamt that Brian Murphy, my former assistant at SF Age, Satellite Orbit, and Syfy, had been hired as the new editor of Realms of Fantasy. 9:07 AM Jan 24th

I dreamt I applied a life-sized decal of a flying cow to our bedroom wall in hopes that Irene would like it. Unfortunately, she didn't. 9:05 AM Jan 24th

I dreamt I was talking to my late father on my cell and explaining why the Syfy Channel had recently started broadcasting Yankees games. 8:57 AM Jan 24th

I dreamt I worked as a reporter for a British newspaper, Chi McBride was my boss, and the government was trying to squash a story of mine. 8:54 AM Jan 24th

I dreamt Irene was judging a writing contest, and the first ms. delivered was literally on fire. She had to blow out the flames to read it. 8:52 AM Jan 24th f

I dreamt I saw an ad in the paper for a talk by Stan Lee, and Irene and I -- along with Bill Shunn -- rushed over to take The Man to lunch. 7:48 AM Jan 23rd

I dreamt I lived on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, in an apartment open to the elements, my only ceiling the elevated train tracks above me. 7:46 AM Jan 23rd

I dreamt I was Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna and I caught up with one of a pair of twin serial killers and hit him in the head with a shovel. 8:12 AM Jan 22nd

I dreamt that while buying Amtrak tickets, I saw Mary Turzillo, so I abandoned my spot near the front of the line. Only ... it wasn't her. 8:09 AM Jan 22nd

I dreamt I was in a Mardi Gras-type parade that began outside my NY apartment. But after it petered out I couldn't remember how to get home. 8:02 AM Jan 20th

I dream I worked late at Syfy with Bonnie Hammer, and we shook hands as we left. She called me Herr Doktor and I called her Herr Professor. 7:56 AM Jan 20th

I dreamt I was in an emergency room, and a fight broke out between a couple of guys there who refused to stop smoking and the non-smokers. 7:52 AM Jan 20th

I dreamt I attended a con reading by Tananarive Due and a seashell concert -- she scraped them together to make music -- by Kij Johnson. 7:48 AM Jan 20th

I dreamt that while attending an SF con in Las Vegas I crawled many floors up and down a laundry chute while being chased by security goons. 7:45 AM Jan 20th

I dreamt I picked up a new novel by Tom Disch marked "second in a proposed four book series," and was settling in to begin reading it. 8:08 AM Jan 19th

I dreamt I was at a con, and was told my son was looking for me, and wandered the halls shirtless until I found him. No one seemed to mind. 8:06 AM Jan 19th

I dreamt about zombies, but can't recall how, since my scrawled middle-of-the-night note "split screen zombie" brings back no memories. 8:04 AM Jan 19th

I dreamt I was looking at templates for a redesign of my site, which seems a waste of a dream, since I was actually doing that last night. 8:58 AM Jan 18th f

I dreamt I worked for an unidentified comic-book company, and was delivering a briefcase that could contain up to $1,000,000 to a lucky fan. 8:55 AM Jan 18th

I dreamt I was at Judy Merril's side as she rushed from one end of an airport to another, taking no guff from anyone, including the TSA. 8:50 AM Jan 18th

I dreamt I talked musicals with Malzberg and Cadigan. Pat wasn't allowed to see Oklahoma as a kid due to impure thoughts about Rod Steiger. 8:47 AM Jan 18th

I dreamt I watched a tower of tweets scroll by, every single one of them arguing fiercely about James Cameron's Golden Globes Avatar wins. 8:42 AM Jan 18th

I dreamt I'd helped David Bowie produce his latest album (though I have no idea how), and he was was autographing one for me in thanks. 9:14 AM Jan 17th

I dreamt I was driving through Brooklyn with Andy Duncan and Hal Bodner, discussing whether we should room together at this year's ICFA. 9:11 AM Jan 17th

I dreamt we'd lost power, and when I looked out front to see what was up, all our trees had been knocked down and shattered into splinters. 9:08 AM Jan 17th

I dreamt I was up on stage, having a ball MC-ing the Kennedy Center Honors. Fun, but unfortunately, I'd never heard of any of the honorees. 6:45 AM Jan 16th

I dreamt I wandered the house with my loaded shotgun, more afraid of accidentally blowing a hole in the floor than of any intruder I'd find. 6:39 AM Jan 16th

I dreamt I was engaged in a get-rich-quick scheme -- setting free tagged baby alligators to later harvest as 40-footers and make a killing. 6:31 AM Jan 16th

I dreamt I was watching leaves swirl in a storm drain during a raging rainfall while George Will watched with me, his bow tie getting soggy. 8:02 AM Jan 15th

I dreamt I was burning huge logs on the living room floor as Lost's Locke watched. All the while I wondered: Should I really be doing this? 8:00 AM Jan 15th

I dreamt I ran across Christopher Walken as he was doing a photo shoot, and told him he had weird hair, oddly using his own accent to do so. 7:57 AM Jan 15th

I dreamt I was David Tennant's Doctor Who, and while at a railway station as a runway train zoomed by, used my sonic screwdriver to stop it. 7:55 AM Jan 15th

I spy high-school pal turned successful character actor Bill Forsythe at the other end of a crowded office, but wake before I can reach him. 7:46 AM Jan 15th f

I can remember multiple dreams from last night, but none of my playmates. Has my recent dream census somehow offended the Lord of Dream? 7:42 AM Jan 14th

I dreamt I'd just come back from lunch at Readercon with Jeff Ford, and we were in the lobby stretched out in stadium-style theater seats. 7:38 AM Jan 13th

I dreamt I was at Comic-Con, sitting next to Jeff Zucker at a party, and later confiding to Chuck Lorre about how strange that made me feel. 8:07 AM Jan 12th

I dreamt I was chatting with Alex Irvine at WFC, and passersby shoved oddly shaped books at us -- very tall and thin, extremely thick, etc. 8:04 AM Jan 12th

I dreamt while talking on the phone with Patrick Lee, my SCI FI Wire unindicted coconspirator pulled up my credit report. I was not happy. 8:45 AM Jan 11th

I had a nightmare, but the details are gone. All that's left are images of a melting copper statue, an empty swimming pool, a dark hospital. 8:57 AM Jan 10th

I dreamt Annalee Newitz, Charlie Jane Anders and I did wheelies as we rode our bicycles at breakneck speed through the streets of Brooklyn. 8:41 AM Jan 10th

I dreamt I rushed to CA after Charlie Brown's death, and when I looked at him, he woke up, startling us all. There was a huge, joyous party. 8:31 AM Jan 10th

I dreamt I worked at a great metropolitan newspaper, and copying a smoking gun of a memo while hiding what I was doing from John McLaughlin. 8:21 AM Jan 10th

I was given more than dreams in last night's sleep and half-sleep. I was also given the title to my story, which has gone unnamed until now. 1:15 PM Jan 9th

I dream about Bill Shunn, a plastic typewriter, and how it is I'm able to remember all of these dreams:http://tinyurl.com/yffgsrw 7:43 AM Jan 9th

While wearing a kilt and trying unsuccessfully to leave a con, I ran across Brian Lumley. But he couldn't help me find a way out either. 7:15 AM Jan 9th

I dreamt I bumped into Bill Willingham at Comic-Con, and he was lugging around a beautifully printed ancient tome almost as big as he was. 7:13 AM Jan 9th

I dreamt I was a king who had to sneak from my castle and banish myself from my land so my enemies wouldn't kill all my subjects. 8:09 AM Jan 8th

I dreamt I worked in an office for Jimmy Smits. He handed out charts which explained who got raises, but they were too complex to interpret. 8:07 AM Jan 8th

I dreamt a helicopter landed outside and a man ran toward me with a gift-wrapped box. What was so urgent? A DVD of the new season of NCIS. 8:04 AM Jan 8th

I dreamt I was giving Marie Severin a tour of our house during which she was worried that she'd been sabotaging things while sleepwalking. 8:32 AM Jan 7th

I dreamt I watched Jim Carrey having sex, and it was horrible, because ... well, you can imagine what his face would look like, can't you? 8:30 AM Jan 7th

I dreamt I was part of a vaudeville acrobatic act and balancing on a moving bicycle along with Madeleine Kahn and Bowser of Sha Na Na. 8:24 AM Jan 7th

I dreamt I was at a party with Walter Jon Williams. He said I seemed tired, so we planned to spin me on a lazy Susan to reenergize me. 8:21 AM Jan 6th

I dreamt I gave a talk at a grade school about how I'd created Darth Vader, and to prove it drew him on the chalkboard over and over again. 8:16 AM Jan 6th

I dreamt I tripped on a DVD set of the collected performances of Moms Mabley, and fell in front of a train, but was rescued by Will Smith. 8:29 AM Jan 5th

I dreamt I was with Mike Resnick returning to a theater after intermission only to spot Barry Malzberg sprinting acrobatically for a seat. 8:24 AM Jan 5th

I dreamt I was in a courtroom watching the trial of a writing teacher being sued by a student because her course didn't lead to any sales. 8:20 AM Jan 5th

I dreamt Irene and I were with Neil Simon and his wife on an airplane in first class, helping them unfold their seats into a king-sized bed. 9:16 AM Jan 3rd

I dreamt I lived in a huge supermarket, and spent my days and nights wandering the aisles hunting extremely elusive and invulnerable mice. 9:11 AM Jan 3rd

I dreamt I was Jason Schwartzman in a Wes Anderson road picture, and in Antarctica eating a bowl of chocolate pudding bigger than my head. 8:39 AM Jan 2nd

I dreamt I was George in Seinfeld, and because I was cleaning up a wine spill on the carpeting, people thought I killed Larry David. George? 8:35 AM Jan 2nd

I dreamt I bumped into Howard Bender at a con party and tried to hug him. But after 25+ years, he didn't recognize me, and pulled back. 8:29 AM Jan 2nd
Sean P. Foderadelkytlar on February 4th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)
The main question this brings up: are you getting enough sleep? Or, conversely, when are you even awake long enough to tweet these things?
scottedelman: Staten Islandscottedelman on February 5th, 2010 12:04 am (UTC)
Oh, I get eight hours of sleep each night. It's just that I have an extremely active dream life. And aren't dreams supposed to occur during the most refreshing part of sleep? At least, I hope so ...
Douglas Cohendouglascohen on February 4th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
The new editor at ROF??? Yikes! BTW, the dream about Irene receiving a manuscript on fire made me lol.
scottedelman: BuhZurkscottedelman on February 5th, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
Don't worry, Doug. Your job is safe.

As long as you NEVER FALL ASLEEP!
Douglas Cohendouglascohen on February 5th, 2010 05:07 am (UTC)
~twilight~_twilight_ on February 5th, 2010 09:46 am (UTC)
I like how your dreams are weird like mine.

Eek, must get mental image of Jim Carrey out of my head.

You seem more like a Kramer, not a George.

I've had split-screen zombie dreams.