scottedelman (scottedelman) wrote,

My Bullpen Bull

In response to repeated requests (OK—make that one request), here's a column I wrote for The Comics Journal back in 1978. It was pointed out to me that though I posted the text of all of my mid-'80s TCJ Ethics columns here, I never shared my much earlier one-off which I'd called "Bullpen Bull."

As you'll see, I used to scribble down quips made by my fellow Bullpenners, and once I was no longer on staff, I decided to share my favorites.

My favorite from among my favorites? The day production manager John Verpoorten, bemoaning how late our books had become, walked into the Bullpen, towering over us all, and said, "I was just speaking to our printer. He was wondering if we were still in business."

Click through as many times as it takes to view at a full and readable size.

Tags: comics

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