scottedelman (scottedelman) wrote,

Where You'll Find Me at Aussiecon 4

I'll be leaving for Melbourne a week from tomorrow to attend Aussiecon 4, and just in case you'll be there, too, here's where you'll be able to find me.

All four of my panels seem to be horror-themed this year, including one at which I'll stand up for zombies against those annoying vampire-lovers. It won't be pretty.

Hope to see you there!

But is it horror?
Saturday 1200 Room 212
What is horror fiction and who decides? The authors? The readers? The publishers and editors? The marketers and booksellers? Does the horror genre even truly exist?
with Joshua Bilmes, Ellen Datlow, Richard Harland, Rocky Wood

Monster mash-ups
Saturday 1500 Room 207
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Sense and Sensibility and Sea-Monsters. Little Vampire Women. Jane Slayre—it’s open season on the classics as well as the undead. Just what is going on here and where did it all start?
with Darlene Marshall, Chuck McKenzie, Faye Ringel, Damien White

Vampire vs Zombie Smackdown
Monday 1400 Room 204
Two kinds of undead, no holds barred.
Participants on the one hand - Scott Edelman, Rob Hood, Chuck McKenzie.
On the other - Narrelle M Harris, George R. R. Martin, Faye Ringel

Maybe I am too normal to enjoy this book...
Monday 1500 Room 212
Horror authors share the worst things ever said about their work and discuss the context of the outburst. Audience members are invited to share their own worst “critiques”.
with Will Elliott, Deborah Biancotti, Rob Hood, Martin Livings

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