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Can You ID These Three Comics Pages?

My wife and sister-in-law spent the week poring over their collection of original comic book art, and for the most part remembered how every page came into their possession and where each was originally published. But there were a few pages for which the second part of that equation was a mystery.

That's where you come in.

Any idea what comics these pages appeared in? We've been able to figure out a few nuggets of information, but not enough to ID them completely, especially since the comics themselves were disposed of many years ago.

If you can help, please let us know!

Don Heck

This page of Don Heck art was part of a backup story featuring Jason Bard, and presumably appeared in an issue Detective Comics during the '80s. But which issue?

UPDATE: Thanks to Kurt Busiek's note in the comments below, it appears this page is from the Jason Bard story "I Wake Up Dying," published in Detective Comics #427. And the fact that once we took the page out of its frame, we saw a Comics Code stamp on the back with a 1972 (not '80s) date seems to support this.

Werner Roth

This Werner Roth X-Men page, presumably inked by Sam Grainger (or John Tartaglione or John Verpoorten) features Beast and Iceman in civvies. It has no dialogue, and could be an unused page from a backup feature, circa 1969 -- but no later than 1973, the year Roth died.

Sal Buscema

This Spider-Man text was page 32 of ... what? The spot illos are penciled by Sal Buscema with inks by ... whom? Any idea?

UPDATE: According to the anonymous commenter below, the Sal Buscema is from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89, issue 4, and was both pencilled and inked by Buscema.

And if you'd like to see any of these at a larger size, check out my Flickr stream.

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