scottedelman (scottedelman) wrote,

Where's Scott?

Last March, I shared with you a Phantom sketch I got from Sy Barry on September 26, 1971 at a 75th anniversary celebration for the comic strip which was co-sponsored by the Newspaper Comics Council of New York and the New York Daily News. You may remember I also managed to get a sketch of Joe Palooka by Tony DiPreta.

I promised I'd someday post the picture of the crowd that ran in the paper the following day. A picture that included me. Well, someday is now.

Check out the crowd below. Click on the image as many times as it takes to make it as large as possible.

Can you spot me?

Need a hint? I'm wearing the same jacket you see me in here. And in the first image here as well.

Did that help? If not, you might as well give up and content yourself with a look below at the true stars of the day.

Bill Kresse

Irwin Hasen

Mort Walker

Tex Blaisdell


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