scottedelman (scottedelman) wrote,

Why my iPad can’t yet replace my laptop

Since I’ve been raving about my iPad ever since I picked one up prior to the Melbourne Worldcon so I could leave my laptop home, I figure I owe it to you to now share some of its shortcomings, especially since I’ve had my nose rubbed in many of them today.

You see, the MacBook Pro on which I work all day has been failing recently, and though I’ve been able to keep it limping along, I finally had to admit defeat. So I boxed it up late this morning and sent it to NY for a diagnosis and overhaul. Which means I’ve been working all day attempting to use the iPad as my primary computer. And though it’s capable of doing most things, it can’t do all things.

Here’s what’s irritated me the most today while using my iPad not just for fun, but for work:

1) Since the iPad is unable to use Flash, I’m unable to use the iPad to view certain videos to decide whether they’re entertaining enough to share.

2) Even when I can see videos (when they’re on YouTube, for instance), I’m unable to grab embed code, since clicking on a YouTube video brings it up in the iPad app, which doesn’t offer that option.

3) It’s annoying not to be able to have several windows open in Safari at once to be viewed side by side. To shift from one site to another means backing out to a control panel with nine tiny screens stacked three by three, choosing one, and then reentering an active window.

4) Though I can view Twitter, I can’t seem to access lists that have been created by Twitter users. When I go to list links, I’m instead being redirected back to the Twitter feed of whoever created the list. (Or is that just me?)

5) Though I can save images from other sites to the iPad, I don’t seem to be able to load them directly from the iPad into the Content Management System I use, because the CMS won’t allow me to choose a file.

I’m sure there are other things the iPad can’t do for me to allow me to fully function, but those are the ones that disturbed me today. Luckily, I have other machines in the house that can handle those tasks when they pop up. But until a future iPad can be made to do those things, I can’t survive in a house with only an iPad. (FYI—I did post this entry via my iPad.)

Just thought you should know that though I like sipping it now and again, I haven’t completely drunk the Apple Kool-Aid.

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