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15 February 2012 @ 10:18 pm
Now it’s time to guess which celebrity Doctor Strange is supposed to sound like in your head  

Over the past week, I’ve shared some superhero descriptions I found hidden between drawers in a filing cabinet back in the ’70s when I worked in the Marvel Bullpen—descriptions some of us who worked there at the time think were written by Stan Lee.

So far, you’ve seen write-ups of the X-Men, Captain America, Thor and the Sub-Mariner, complete with suggestions of what voice you were meant to imagine while reading the adventures of each character.

And today we come to Doctor Strange.

But before perusing the scan below, take a moment and think—who should the sorcerer supreme sound like?

Got a name? OK, then click away!

So? Were you in the ballpark?

Well, even if you were, I’m 100% positive that tomorrow, you’ll be stumped. Because there’s simply no way you’ll be able to successfully guess which celebrity’s voice you were meant to hear running through your head while you sounded out the word balloons of the incredible Hulk. It’s a name that totally surprised me.

Give it a shot if you think you’re up to it, but I promise—you’re going to lose!

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