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Can you tell the reason I’d make a lousy Boy Scout?

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I was just reading the latest issue of Esquire, which is a better magazine than you probably give it credit for. In his editorial, Editor-in-Chief David Granger recounted a trip to his father-in-law’s memorial service, and how Bill Dodson’s eldest son, Dick, praised his father by comparing his traits to those listed in the Boy Scout Law.

Granger then included a condensed version of those suggested behaviors, which I share with you here.


As I read through the list of attributes to which we should all aspire, I kept thinking to myself, “Yep, yep, trying to do that, and that, too”—until I got to one which instead had me thinking, “No way!”

Do you know me well enough to be able to tell which of the rules rubbed me the wrong way?

Let’s see!

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