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04 January 2017 @ 11:03 am
In December, I dreamt of Robert Silverberg, Kelly Link, George R. R. Martin and …  

Originally published at Scott Edelman. Please leave any comments there.

As my Twitter stream shows, I dreamed even fewer dreams last month than the month before, the number of them continuing to dwindle for no discernible reason. Or rather, I continue not to remember them, because I do have them, but often when I wake, I can sense them vanishing beyond memory. I imagine that someday I will stop compiling them here each month.

But that time is not yet now. So—

Last month I dreamt of Robert Silverberg, Kelly Link, George R. R. Martin … and Donald Trump.

December 2016

I dreamt that for Xmas, I enrolled my son in the Moby Dick Chapter of the Month Club, which would send him that, annotated and footnoted. 25 Dec

I dreamt I’d been rehired by @Syfy and was working with @CraigEngler (also back there again) on a TV special aout the history of @Marvel. 24 Dec

I dreamt I was in a hotel moving from one elevator to another but none had a button which would take me to my floor! I was in elevator hell! 24 Dec

I dreamt I was in Nazi Germany at a restaurant where Michael Jackson was a singing waiter. Or maybe I was just in a PLAY about Nazi Germany. 24 Dec

I dreamt I was aboard a tiny bathysphere, feeling quite claustrophobic — especially when it began to sink before it was ready to descend. 23 Dec

I dreamt I bumped into an old banking boss, humming a song he said was written by Joseph McCarthy. Not sure why either man was in my head. 21 Dec

I dreamt I bought a huge sack of diamonds for a jeweler (more than the $10,000 he gave me would have bought IRL), then helped sell them all. 18 Dec

I dreamt I spotted George R. R. Martin in a restaurant being hounded by fans. I tried to rescue him, but alas, there were too many of them. 17 Dec

I dreamt repulsive tenants tried to pin a murder on a homeless person, but luckily, he was smarter than they were, and they got theirs. 17 Dec

I dreamt I was surrounded by Stranger Things-type kids with glowing rocks that gave them odd powers, so I checked out every pebble I saw. 17 Dec

I dreamt a friend of @jaspkelly interviewed me about short stories I’d written in the Gamblingpunk genre — but I had no idea what that was! 16 Dec

Surprised it took so long, but I finally had my first dream about Donald Trump. He was tucking an adult friend into bed. It was very creepy. 12 Dec

I dreamt I was at a con with a group that included @haszombiesinit, trying to track down that shawarma place everybody was raving about. 6 Dec

I dream my current consciousness was back inside my past little kid self, where I was with Isaac Asimov telling him all about the future. 3 Dec

I dreamt I had a stern conversation with Robert Silverberg in which I warned him to stop spending so much time on social media. As if. 2 Dec