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14 February 2017 @ 10:14 pm
In January, I dreamt of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, Mags Bennett from Justified,  

Originally published at Scott Edelman. Please leave any comments there.

January was another extremely light dream month for me, which is probably why it took me this long to gather them up from where they were originally shared over on Twitter. I wish I could figure out why I only remembered 15 dreams in January, because in the past, recalling five or six times as many per month was standard.

If I ever solve the mystery of my missing dreams, believe me, you’ll get to hear all about it.

But meanwhile …

January 2017

I dreamt I was on a plane making an emergency landing, listening to the captain instruct us we had to evacuate without taking our luggage. Jan 31

I dreamt a workman using a blowtorch in front of my house accidentally lit pine trees on fire, and when I pointed it out, was unconcerned. Jan 31

I dreamt I attempted to escape an island, and raced to the end of many piers, only to find that every available boat had been destroyed. Jan 31

I dreamt a giant millstone, many times taller than me, rolled down a hill at me. I ran and hid behind a tree, which — whew! — stopped it. Jan 30

I dreamt I was trapped in a room with Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, only — he was real flesh, not a cartoon, which made him even creepier. Jan 30

I dreamt I was walking down the street and saw a guy with amazing full sleeve tattoos of the original X-Men in their blue and gold costumes. Jan 23

I dreamt I was in a con suite, spotted Mike Walsh in the distance, and wandered over to commiserate about the death of Larry Smith. Jan 23

I dreamt I planted a bomb by a terrorist bunker, and was unrolling a fuse and running with it as fast and far as I could before lighting it. Jan 23

I dreamt I was playing Scrabble with Mags Bennett from Justified … which as you might expect, made for an extremely nerve-wracking game! Jan 21

I dreamt this morning I led a workshop on how to come up with story ideas … and surprise — when I woke, I’d brought a story idea with me! Jan 16

I dreamt I was Detective Logan from Law & Order, and a perp stabbed my partner and got away, because I had to keep my friend from dying. Jan 10

I dreamt I returned to NYC to pick up 38 years of diaries I’d left at a Starbucks for safekeeping, suddenly realizing it was a BAD IDEA. Jan 8

I dreamt I spotted a bat and a rabbit in my backyard sharing a spent dandelion, so rushed off to get my camera, but alas, could not find it. Jan 6

I dreamt I spotted a couple of Navy guys in a brawl, and called my Dad to tell him what I’d seen. It was comforting to hear his voice again. Jan 4

I dreamt I spotted seven baby foxes, and spent most of the time in their presence slapping my pockets in search of a camera as they ran off. Jan 4