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Tom Fagan's 1972 New York Comic Art Convention Report

As I wrote in my remembrance of Tom Fagan, who passed away last month, he often mentioned me in his con reports back in the day. I just came across one such report in a copy of the 1972 fanzine Ragnarok, published by my friends Mark Collins and David Simons. (Note the spiffy Marie Severin cover.)

The issue included (along with an extensive Marie Severin interview, the reason for the cover) Tom's write-up of that year's New York Comic Art Convention, organized by the legendary dealer and con-runner, Phil Seuling.

It was the first one of those cons for which I got a hotel room (along with Mark and David) rather than being a daytripper, and it seems as if, based on Tom's report, that I took full advantage of my presence there, and acted like a wild man, for he mentioned my doings multiple times, at one point dubbing me "irrepressible."

I present the four pages which contained Tom's report below. You'll probably have to click through multiple times before you can see them at a readable size.

What I found most interesting about this article was that there was one incident I've completely forgotten, which I copy out here typos and all:

If you were present at any of all 5 days of the Convention, you may have memories like these:


National Lampooner's Michael O'Donahue and Shaun Kelly concluding their talk with, "What no bombs, no rocks, no...? ...and Scott Edelman gleefully rising to the occasion, water pistol in hand while Al Shuster screams Don't SAY
that. The panel gets even by "letting him have it" with a pitcher of ice water. Scott crashes to the floor, wet, while the rest of the Ragnarok staff try to wring themselves out.

You'd think I'd remember being doused with ice water by two of the National Lampoon's most important writers, Michael O'Donahue (responsible for the controversial feature "The Vietnamese Baby Book") and "Sean" (not "Shaun") Kelly (who later became the founding editor of Heavy Metal), but sadly, that memory can no longer be accessed.

I hope that this is not a sign of things to come!

Here are all four pages of Tom's con report:

And if anyone out there knows whatever happened to Mark Collins and David Simons, please let me know! I lost track of them decades ago.
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